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Registering with a GP

  • Why do I need to register with a doctor?

    • You may not know this, but if you grew up in the UK you’ve always been registered with a doctor somewhere, if you’re living at home, you’re probably registered with the same surgery as your family.

      Your registered doctor has the responsibility of looking after your health, they’ve got the notes of all you immunisations, illnesses, and health problems you’ve ever had.
  • So WHY do I need to Register with a doctor at university?

    • Now that you’re leaving home your old surgery can’t be responsible for your health any more, so you need to find a new doctor, close to where you’ll be living,  to take responsibility for your health.

      Most Universities have a GP practice or health centre where they want their students to register so that the students will be looked after. University Health Centres are experts at dealing with the kinds of problems and issues that students have, from sexual health services to dealing with exam stress.
  • What’s the advantage of registering right away?

    • Registering early ensures the University Health Centre knows about you before you arrive, and can set you up on their systems. It also means that your full notes get transferred early to the University practice, so they have a full knowledge of your medical history. They will be able to take over the prescribing of any medication that you’re on, and be aware of any current medical issues. Having your notes will also let the health centre know any further immunisations you might need.

      And also, registering right now means you won’t get hassled to register in freshers week.
  • Why don’t I just wait until I get ill then I’ll go round there?

    • You can do, but the health centre won’t know you from Adam. You’ll still have to register before you’re seen, and even then, the doctor seeing you won’t have your notes and details of your medical history, so that could stop her providing you with certain drugs and treatments.
  • Is registration difficult, can I register right now?

    • And that’s where CampusDoctor comes in. We can direct you to the appropriate medical centre for your university, and for participating Universities, we can provide you with an easy to complete on line registration form. The form takes minutes to complete, and that’s the whole process sorted.

      The form is quick to complete
      The form will be using easy drop down lists for your university first year accommodation (if applicable)
      You can fill it in from computer, tablet or mobile
      The form is self checking
  • Oh, and can I see my old doctor in the holidays?

    • Yes you can always go and see your old doctor as a “temporary resident” this means that you can get treatment, but your notes and registration stays with the new university doctor.





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